Friday, December 24, 2010

2007 Jim Shore Snow White Holiday Ornament Set

The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Ornament Gift Set was first introduced to retailers in April 2007. Sculpted by artist Jim Shore and manufactured by Enesco, the stone resin ornaments are part of the Disney Traditions series. Hand painted. Measure up to 5" tall. Sold in gift box. Suggested retail price $137.50 (USD).

Enesco Item No. 4008072

Image below from page 22 of the Jim Shore January 2009 catalog. Includes apple ornament. Note that they are available separately too.



These same Disney Traditions ornaments showed up online at the European Disney Stores in late 2013.  Each offered separately: Snow White £20.00 (UK); 25,00 € (France/Germany). Dwarfs £10.00/12,00 €. Most sold out quickly.

Snow Disney Store Item No. 410047140896P.

Grumpy & Dopey Item Nos. 410047140308P + 410047140483P.

Happy & Sneezy Item Nos. 410047140223P + 410047140636P.

Sleepy & Bashful Item Nos. 410047140148P + 410047140063P.

Doc Item No. 410047140551P.
Stock images copyright UK Disney Store.

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