Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brian Sibley's Radio Presentation - The Fairest of Them All

Brian Sibley, co-author of the book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the Making of the Classic Film, was also the creator of the BBC radio program, Fairest of Them All, which in 1987 marked the movie's 50th anniversary. As with his book, the audio presentation covered in wonderful detail the story of this motion picture and its making. Included are sound bites from the film, Hollywood news reports from the Carthay Circle premiere, interviews and anecdotes from animators and a wealth of other information.

Written and presented by Brian Sibley, the broadcast first aired over 23 years ago on 'Meridian', BBC World Service, December 8, 1987. Now go grab yourself a cup of hot tea, sit back and relax as you listen to this original program in its entirety...

The Fairest of Them All by Brian Sibley
Radio presentation used with permission from the author.

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