Monday, January 17, 2011

Post Huskies Cereal Bowl

Made by Vitrock Glass Company, this appears to be the bowl offered by Post as a premium with its Huskies cereal. It's interesting because the illustration of Snow White inside the bowl is different from that in the ad (below). My guess is that this is the actual bowl from 1938. The artist's rendering for the ad was probably produced before the bowl artwork. But to be sure, more research is needed.

Cereal bowl images generously provided by CarrieAnne Curtis.

Huskies ad from previous post...

Huskies Snow White cereal bowl ad, 1938. (14" x 9 3/4").
 Image courtesy of Western Clippings.

UPDATE February 2014:

Here's a look at a bowl where the inner Snow White graphic is in much better shape.

Image courtesy of the Rick Payne Collection via dadric's attic.

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