Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Fantasyland Expansion

Revised artwork of the Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World...

Closer look at the Mine Train area.


Videos on the expansion featuring Eric Jacobson, Senior Vice President of Creative Development at Walt Disney Imagineering...

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Artwork of the Princess Fairytale Hall scheduled to replace Snow White's Scary Adventures...

*Special thanks to Kurt Raymond for his assistance with this post.


  1. I noticed with the reworked artwork for Fantasyland, that Pixie Hollow has disappeared (thank you!) from the landscape, but the Circus area has been expanded into that area. Why couldn't they have used that area to build a princess meet and greet and then put a new dark ride in the old Snow White space? The track is already there! It IS Cinderella's castle, why not let her have her own attraction? Or can you imagine a Sleeping Beauty dark ride with Maleficent popping up every so often? No matter how elaborate they make it, I think it will be sad to walk past the old Snow White attraction space and have it be just a princess meet and greet. :-(

  2. Tokyo-- As I don't have anything against meet-n-greets, it does seem like they could have created one for the princesses somewhere over in the vicinity of ToonTown or in the former planned Pixie Hollow area.

    But as you would agree, a meet-n-greet is not a ride, and should not be passed off as being as exciting as a new ride. It's a hard one to swallow seeing a classic like SWSA turned into a meet-n-greet.

  3. While I cringe at having SWSA turned into a character greeting area, I'm working under the assumption that the Seven Dwarfs thing is going to be the next generation of SWSA. Maybe without the scary part.

    It sounds like there will be animated figures and detailed sets, and the show building is certainly far more appealing than the current Snow White building.

    When we first heard rumors about this ride, I was thinking it would be like Barnstormer, but this sounds like a dark ride on a moderate rollercoaster track. Fingers crossed.

  4. Shane-- I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed :)