Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow White Flickr Group

Sara "Starberryshyne" is the creator of the Disney's Snow White flickr group--which at the time of this writing has over 2400 shared photos. From cast members to collectibles, if it has to do with Disney's first princess, you can post your pics there.

At the age of ten, Sara was asked to play the part of Snow White in her father's barbershop chorus' "Tribute to Walt Disney" concert...
While I always knew who Snow White was, there was something special to me about "being" her in this play. I really think that's what started my love of Snow White. Later that year my family went to WDW and, I remember loving the Snow White ride. Then in 1987, I was able to see the movie at a theatre on the big screen. I was hooked and a fan for life!

Sara has been fortunate enough to have experienced three different Disney theme parks in the past three years: WDW 2008, DLR 2009, DLP 2010...
So I have ridden the Snow White ride at all of them. Each one is different and yet have similar things. I like Walt Disney World's the best because it tells a more complete story, showing Snow White at the Wishing Well and the prince kissing her for example. But they all are fun! It was strange hearing everything in French at DLP. I do like how the Paris version ends with Snow White on the horse. I really love the murals at all three parks, but I think Disneyland in California has my favorites.

I asked Sara if she has any Snow White collectibles or memorabilia. She said that she does, particularly figurines...
There are so many things that I like from my collection. The Jim Shore and Precious Moments pieces are some of the nicer items. My favorite, though, has to be a piece I received for my 17th birthday--a Schmid music box featuring Snow White and Dopey dancing.

So Sara, just what is the attraction for you to the Snow White character and the Disney film?
I like her first of all because she sees the best in everyone. The way that Snow White is so trusting and loving is much like myself. I can relate to her. Somehow you know that taking an apple from a stranger is bad, but you have this naive trust that all is going to be alright. I also love the fact that Snow White was the "first." The first film, the first princess... Plus Snow White is just so pretty. The black hair with her yellow skirt is very pleasing to look at.

All images are courtesy of Starberryshyne. See loads more of Sara's work and other Snow White photographers at the Disney's Snow White flickr group. And be sure to add your own pics as well!


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  2. Thanks for the plug Carole & Co. You have a great looking site.