Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Snow White Tees and Tops

Snow White Long Sleeve top. Original price $39.50 (USD). Sold Out.
Disney Store Item No. 104483M

Same design in a t-shirt...

Organic Cotton Scoop Neck Snow White Tee, 2011. Original price $16.50.


Snow White imported jersey T-shirt. 2011 import from Italy. €153.14 (Euros) with import fees and shipping.
Image via

Similar design, different shirt. No Dopey...

 Snow White long-sleeve. For junior girls. Currently available via Kings and Queens. $115.50.


Although this red sequin tee was created especially for the theme parks in 2011...

Sleepy Snow top. Sold at Disneyland Resort, spring 2011. Price $32.95.
;Image courtesy of Connie via Life is a Journey.

It also showed up later in the year on

Item No. 7505002523763M. added December 2011.


Pixelated Snow crew neck T-shirt. Two bluebirds with 'Who's Fairest of Them All' printed on back. Sold in the UK for £12.00 (GBP). 
Image via by


Babydoll tee and regular cut by Junk Food...

Snow White Curtsey T-shirt by Junk Food. Sold for $27.00.


Fairest One... Night Shirt, 2011. 100% cotton. Disney Store List Price $14.50.


Snow White T-shirt. Sold at Disney Store outlet, 2011. 

And here's the same design only in a long-sleeve red with castle in background...

Snow White long-sleeve. Sized for toddler girls. Currently available at Old Navy, $14.94.


Snow black shirt, 2011. Sold at TrenD, WDW, $48.95.


Little Men Tee. Images via Kolor Simple. Currently available. $24.50.


  1. I was wearing that red short sleeved one at the top yesterday! Love that black one with the lighter design, too!