Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WDCC Dwarfs' Jewel Mine, 2004

Stock images copyright Disney.

Released in August of 2004, the Dwarfs' Jewel Mine scene from the Walt Disney Classics Collection was sculpted by artist Bruce Lau. This elaborate nine piece porcelain set was comprised of all seven dwarfs including Sleepy in a deer-drawn cart, a separate wheel barrel with jewels (made from glass and acrylic), and a mine base/background (which accommodated Grumpy, Happy, Bashful and Sneezy).

All pieces were open edition and sold separately. The first year bottom-stamped production mark was the bumble bee (from "Bumble Boogie" in the 1948 animated film Melody Time). The set was retired November 2009.

Doc: "Where a Million Diamonds Shine"
Retail: $125
Stands 5 3/4" tall.

Item Number: 1232431


Dopey: "We Pick Up Everything In Sight"
Retail: $99
Stands 4" tall.

Item Number: 1232428

Concept Art by Dave Pacheco. Image courtesy Duckman's WDCC. Used with permission.


Grumpy: "With a Shovel or a Pick"
Retail: $99
Stands 5" tall.

Item Number: 1232443


Bashful: "It Ain't No Trick"
Retail: $99
Stands 4 3/4" tall.

Item Number: 1232440


Happy: "Dig, Dig, Dig"
Retail: $99
Stands 4" tall.

Item Number: 1232446


Sneezy: "To Get Rich Quick"
Retail: $99
Stands 4" tall.

Item Number: 1232434


Sleepy with Deer-drawn Cart: "In a Mine. In a Mine."
Retail: $199
Stands 7 1/2" tall.
Stick, antlers, harness and fly made of pewter; ring from brass.

Item Number: 1232437


Dwarfs' Wheelbarrow With Jewels
Retail: $40
Stands 2" tall.
Velvet bag filled with 17 assorted "faux" gems.

Item Number: 1234332


Jewel Mine Base
Retail: $99
Stands 9 3/4" tall.
Pewter lantern.

Item Number: 1234335


  1. A great Piece, but i've always been afraid to start a WDCC collection, cause I know I could fast enough become VERY addicted.

    The mine is actually my favorite piece of these!
    Very nostalgic


  2. Yes, The WDCC Mine scene.A classic Snow White collectible.

    I have some of these, completing with the characters of the first serie.

    I remember when they were retired in November 2009. I heard about it on Duckman's Blog and I went to a belgian retailer within three days to buy the pieces which I missed .
    It has been my craziest WDCC folly!

    I have the wheelbarrow too, but I recently discovered that it misses a Jewel :( .

    The base is cool, but I don't have the space for it ...
    Thanks for this great post ASWS :) .

  3. h.Emiru-- Yes, "addicting" is the right adjective to describe WDCC pieces. :)

    DSK-- It's amazing how fast the figurines sell out once their retirement is announced.