Friday, September 23, 2011

WDCC Snow White Cottage Scene, 2004-2005

In August of 2004, the Walt Disney Classics Collection released two porcelain figurines that are referred to as the "Cottage Scene". They were created by artist Kent Melton. Then in the following year, September 2005, sculptor Bruce Lau added two more pieces to the series. All open editions, they were retired together on May 23, 2007.

Whistle While You Work...

Unveiled at the August 2004 Celebration of Walt Disney Art Classics Convention, this Snow White figurine stands 8" tall and holds a pewter broomstick. Marketed as a companion piece to Dwarfs' Cottage Bench below, each sold separately. Original suggested retail price was $150 (USD).

Stock images copyright Disney via the Duckman
Item Number: 1232449

Dwarfs' Cottage Bench...

Introduced at the same time as the piece above, this figurine is 5" tall and features the helping animal friends at the bench. Spoon made of pewter; water in bucket is resin. The first year bottom-stamp for both pieces is the bumble bee from Melody Time. Original suggested retail price was $75.

Item Number: 1234338

Spring Cleaning...

Just over a year later, Bruce Lau's deer with laundry figurine was introduced. The buck carries the Dwarfs' clothes and a chipmunk on his back. Stands 7.5" tall. Pewter pants suspenders. First year bottom-stamp is Cinderella's slipper. Retail price of $150.

Item Number: 4002437

Ticklish Turtle...

The turtle and chipmunk figurine sits 3.5" tall. Retailed for $50.

Item Number: 4002439

Additional image via Evans Collectibles. 


  1. Wonderful scene!
    I have always loved this sequence.
    The turtle is so funny! And the squirrels looks like Chip and Dale :) .

  2. I know. This is definitely a different look for the WDCC SW series.