Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Snow White by Miss Mindy

Miss Mindy is an artist living and creating in the Los Angeles area. On December 15, 2012, her work appeared in the "Good vs. Evil" exhibit at the WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney, Anaheim. Among the limited edition, one-of-a-kind MM pieces was her stylistic Snow White sculpture.

Images copyright Miss Mindy & Disney (except where noted).

The figure was created using sculpey clay and magic sculpt putty on hand-crafted resin. Detailing includes micro fiber velvet and vinyl fabric, along with moss, silk ribbon and gold fabric braiding. Painted in acrylic by the artist.

Miss Mindy shared more about the process in a recent email correspondence:
The base pieces--head, bodice and bell shape--were cast from forms I originally sculpted. The bell, from a shape spun on a lathe. The bodice was sculpted out of super sculpey--a mold was made and then cast in resin. Same for the head, sans lips, hair and details. It basically looks like an egg shape when pulled from the mold. Then I hand make each expression, hair, be unique for each figure...that way, no two are ever alike. The arms and hands are sculpted and fitted to the figure, along with the bird and interior. It's 100% hand crafted by crazy little me, and I enjoy seeing the children's (not to mention the adults!) eyes light up every time they look inside and see the miniature scenes.

The miniature Seven Dwarfs' cottage scene is set within the hollow of Snow's dress.

Also on display at the gallery was the Evil Queen.

Her Magic Mirror only speaks the truth.

Ariel made it a trio of fun.

Inside Miss Mindy's studio. The three mixed-media figures each stand approximately 16" high.

Collector drj1828 visited the WonderGround Gallery in March 2013 and snapped this photo through the storefront window. The sculptures were retailing for $3800 each.

Photo copyright drj1828.

A short video of Miss Mindy's workshop and the sculpts in progress...

The Snow White sculpture is still available at WonderGround (#714-300-7004). Learn more about Miss Mindy and see additional pics at her...

2017 UPDATE: See the World of Miss Mindy figurines to be released July 2017.

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