Sunday, July 7, 2013

Westland Giftware Snow White Snowglobes

Westland Giftware produced a number of Snow White items in recent years, including three mini snowglobes seen online between 2010 and 2013. All are made of resin with acrylic globes. Part of their "Life According to Disney Princess" series.

  • "Snow White's Apple" - Stands about 3.2" tall, 3.5" wide. Globe size 45mm, approximately 1.75" diameter. Glitter-filled.

  • "Snow White's Celebration" - 6" tall. Globe size 100mm, approximately 4" diameter. Wind-up music box plays Someday My Prince Will Come. Glitter-filled.

  • "Snow White Sparkler" - 3.25" tall. Globe size 35mm, approximately 1.3" diameter. Floating sparkles. Globe base lights up and changes to seven different colors. Requires three LR44 batteries (included). On/off switch.

Stock images copyright Westland Giftware.


A Westland Snow White snowglobe was issued in 2009 which featured the princess and her forest friends seeing the Seven Dwarfs off to work. Resin and glass. Measures 6" high x 5" across at base. Turn-key plays Someday My Prince Will Come.

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