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"Dopey Loses The Diamonds" Book

Dopey Loses the Diamonds is a 1994 children's picture book illustrated by artist Toby Bluth. The front cover and many of the pages include images of the diamonds enhanced with "glittering faceted foil."

The story begins with the Seven Dwarfs at their mine. They are ready to head home with a surprise for Snow White--a sack full of sparkling diamonds. Dopey wants to carry the bag and starts out at the front of the line. But the load is heavy, and he slowly falls behind until he's trailing at the back. Darkness falls as the night comes on. A twig catches on the diamond bag and tears a little hole.

Page 6: Dopey runs to catch up with the rest of the Dwarfs, unaware of the tear. As the bag bounces, the hole gets larger and the diamonds begin to fall out...

Luckily, the forest animals are there along the path to see what is happening.

Page 11: The Dwarfs arrive home to Snow White.

Dopey shows her what he thinks is a full sack, but the bag is empty. Grumpy is angry at Dopey for losing the diamonds. Then Doc comes to his defense by examining the sack and finding the hole. The Dwarfs and Snow all decide to go out by lantern light and search for the diamonds. They follow the path all the way back to the mine but can't find a one of them. Dopey feels like he's let everyone down.

Page 16 -17: They returned home, and to their surprise, the cottage and trees are all decorated with the sparkling diamonds...

Just as everyone is wondering who could have found the diamonds and decorated their home, the forest animals come out into the clearing. Everyone is happy, especially Dopey.

Page 20: The End.

Book text and artwork copyright Disney/Toby Bluth.

Publisher: Mouse Works, 1994
Pages: 20
ISBN: 157082150x
Retail Price: $8.98 USD

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