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2013 Disney Store "Classic" Snow White Dolls

Snow White was of course part of this year's Disney Princess Classic Doll Collection from the US Disney Store. Released online on June 10, 2013, the series consists of eleven 12" princess dolls, plus princes, villains and a few sidekicks too. Vinyl. Retail $14.95; sold separately.

Item No. 6070040900674P.

A description of the Snow White doll from collector drj1828:
Her head and face are the same as the 2012 doll, which I like very much. Her hairdo is now much more movie accurate and manageable, by eliminating the messy upper side curls. Her bodice looks the same, but her skirt is shorter and has a pretty floral pattern in gold glitter. The best change is the addition of a red satin cape. Even though it is only half-length, it makes the doll much more royal looking, and movie accurate. The other major change is the replacement of the fully articulated legs with the old rubber legs, with fixed angled feet and internal knee joints. I would rather that they fixed the problems with the 2012 legs, but the rubber legs do look a lot better, with the disadvantage of being much less posable.

Compare this latest version with the other Snow White "classic" dolls from 2010, 2011 & 2012.


The 2013 Prince Classic Doll appeared on June 21st. A fresh blue box design matches that of the new Snow White and the Queen, but the Prince doll itself is identical to those released in previous years.

US Disney Store Item No. 6070040580685P.

Here's the European release of the 2013 Prince. Same dude, different box. Retail £12.50 (UK); 15,00 € (France, Germany).

Euro Disney Store Item No. 411045064856P.


Also available in a new blue box is the Evil Queen Classic Doll. It too was issued in an earlier box design, just last December 30, 2012.

 Item No. 6070040900863P.
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