Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Antithetical Snow White - The Machine Gun Princess

Definition: Antithetical - Being in diametrical opposition.

The Snow White character as portrayed in Walt Disney's 1937 classic film epitomizes the virtues of grace, kindness, gentleness, and above all innocence. It was because of these very qualities that I was drawn to the idea of creating this blog. In fact, these traits are so much a part of this iconic character that it's not surprising to find dramatic statements being made using her image but in ways diametrically opposed to how it's typically represented. The results might be at times a bit disturbing, and one could chalk it up to the state of today's political-socio-economic topography. And yet, this paradoxical imagery does offer an intriguing juxtaposition of ideals that can be surprisingly fresh and alive.

There's probably no better example of this mashup of motifs than in the stenciled "graffiti" found on back alley walls from Zurich to New York...the Machine Gun Princess. The stencil artwork is a takeoff of the famous Patty Hearst photo.

Tel Aviv, Israel: Snow White Machine Gun. Image copyright nicasaurusrex. Used with Permission.

Graz, Austria: There Will Be Blood, a tile mural found just in front of the Murinsel. Image copyright Kleb. Used with Permission.

Athens, Greece: Snow White 5.56mm. Image copyright kiketxu. Used with Permission.

Paris, France: Snow Red. Image copyright Eric Parker.

Anaheim, California: Snow White taken at Rancho la Paz. Image copyright Corey Holms. Creative Commons License. Used with Permission.

Berlin, Germany: Kampfbraut oder (War Bride or) Snow White Goes Fighting. Image copyright Sulamith Sallmann. Used with Permission.

Zurich Switzerland: Blancanieves by Daquella Manera, Creative Commons License.

Utica, New York: Hand-cast resin pendant patterned after graffiti image found under a highway bridge at the Utica Marsh, a wildlife management area. Image copyright resinated.

Italy: Pagano shirt from clothing store Luisaviaroma.

 Lebanon. Image copyright chroniques beyrouthines.

Lebanon: .Image copyright Bolen88, summer 2010.


  1. Ha ha ha! Popular concept, apparently... and fits much better with the earlier version of her... the one that got revenge by having her wicked stepmother clad in hot iron shoes.

  2. No doubt Sheryl...a 21st century take on the hot iron shoes. Walt would not have applauded either :)