Monday, August 29, 2011

The Old Witch at Beverly Sunset Sweet Spells

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Like a cousin to the Candy Cauldron, the Beverly Sunset Sweets Spells shop is a wickedly savory confectionery located on Sunset Boulevard at WDW's Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando. The outside facade replicates the Warner Beverly Hills Theatre that once stood aglow in neon on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

Inside is...
an odd but effective and sometimes stunning mixture of Gothic and Art Deco styles that extends to the nearby Villains in Vogue location as well. Often missed due to the store's attractive and tempting assortment of candy and pastries is a series of high perched reliefs that serve as a hall of fame of Disney villains. Source: 2719 Hyperion

The villains overlook the shop.

And the Face in the Magic Mirror stands guard in several locations.

There's candy galore including these Evil Queen mints and Grumpy sours.

And these theme park chocolates (which are also available at Disneyland in Anaheim).

Candy Box images courtesy of TokyoMagic! Used with permission.

Setting up shop in one of the storefront windows is the Old Witch.

Taking a little direction from her spell book which reads.

juicy apple
gobs of butter
sack of sugar
pinch of mystery
cast spell
boil in cauldron

She works her wicked ways for all to see as her arm moves up and down "dunking" the apple into the bubbling cauldron.


Down a couple doors, the Witch appears again, this time in the store window of the Scary Apothecary where she tries to entice innocent passerbys to splurge on a few Vinylmations.


  1. That looks like one of the best candy shops ever! That Mood Chocolate box is awesome. It has words of wisdom on it lol

  2. Superb stuff! Now that's what I call a sweetie shop!

  3. Haha this looks like the collest candy shop ever ! :D
    I love your blog, too !! :)

  4. The dwarfs box is cool !
    I like the Vinylmation too.

    By the way, have you seen the new Dopey Vinylmation for Animation 2 ?
    Maybe a post about those little figurines, themed arround Snow White, may be interesting...

  5. I love the SW decor in this shop. I can see a Maleficent figure and a Jafar/Cobra figure too in the background. I can't say that I remember this shop. I think the problem is that with the exception of my very first visit to this park, I no longer spend the whole day there. I always make it part of a half-day Animal Kingdom/half-day Disney Studios day. I'm realizing that it's too rushed that way and I'm missing some of the nice details such as this shop!

  6. Now I want CANDY. But not candied apples!

  7. It's a sweet tooth's dream come true! :)

  8. Just looking at this post again and noticed the scaffolding around the Tower of Terror in that first pic. Was it being built at this time or just refurbished?

  9. Tokyo-- I shot these pics earlier this year in March so it was just a refurb for the Tower. I hear it looks nice now.