Monday, August 22, 2011

WDCC/WDAC Grumpy's Scary Adventures Figurine, 2001

Back in 1999, a Walt Disney Art Classics Convention was held at the Orlando theme park where attendees had an opportunity to meet the artists and purchase exclusive limited edition pieces. It was a well-received event and became an annual occurrence for a number of years--the first three with a focus on theme park attractions.

At the third gathering on May 5, 2001, "Fantasyland" was the theme and Snow White's Scary Adventures was one of the highlighted rides. A Grumpy figurine, "Hmph! I Ain't Scared" was release with an edition size of 750. Sculpted by artist Blaise Gauba and rendered in fine porcelain, the comic piece features the angry dwarf riding in a mine car from the attraction. It stands 4 1/2" tall and retailed for $175. The bottom-stamped annual production mark for 2001 was the Butterfly from Bambi.


  1. I love this Wdcc !
    Grumpy is so funny, and the title "Hmph! I Ain't Scared" always make me laugh .
    It's a very good idea.

    I've never seen it but I hope I will find it someday ...

  2. The piece kind of takes on an added importance with the Scary Adventures attraction going away.