Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lobby Card Lithographs, 1996 and 2007

In 1996, the Disney/MGM Animation Art Gallery at Walt Disney World was selling this nice collection of lobby card lithographs. These reproductions included six out of the eight originals (previous post) from the 1938 theatrical release. Missing were the title card and the Christmas scene.

Each litho measures 11” x 14”, the same size as the originals. The set came in a protective folder sleeve. Original retail price was $35.00. 

Protective Sleeve

About the Cards


A similar litho collection was released at Disneyland Resort in 2007 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the film. The limited edition set of 1000 also included six of the original eight lobby cards. However, the Dwarfs' log scene was replaced with the Christmas scene.

These reproductions are smaller measuring 8" x 10". The set is enclosed in a collector's envelope with a Velcro closure. The Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the inside.

During the 70th Anniversary celebration at Disney's California Adventure Park, many collectors had their lithos signed by the celebrities on hand. The name most closely associated with the film was Marge Champion. Some of the Disney artists who were at the event included Toby Bluth, Robert Olszewski, David Bird, Dave Avanzino, Yakovetic and others.

Signed Sleeve Cover


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