Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snow White Baby Spoon/Fork by "1847 Rogers Bros."

Snow White silver baby spoons and forks by "1847 Rogers Bros." Date from 1938, pictured here in a page from a 1939 Becken Catalog.

Backside of page.

Page measures 8.5" x 11.75". Image via gdawg.

The silver-plated etched baby spoon and fork are stamped "© 1847 ROGERS BROS." The Snow White characters run up and down the handle on both the front and back.

Images via gregsvintagefinds.

This spoon and fork set is listed in Ted Hake's 2007 Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles, 2nd edition, p. 387.

This next spoon looks nearly identical to the one above except it is stamped with "R.W. CO. LTD"--a marking usually associated with the Rolex Watch Company. They would offer promotional giveaways, like this spoon, to customers who purchased a watch.

R.W.Co. Ltd. images via AireApparent.


  1. That is one scary face that Snow White has atop that spoon! o.O

  2. She almost has a Betty Boop look about her.

  3. spoons....MUST have baby to get spoons!!!! GUess I'll be content to look at the spoons on your blog, LOL.

  4. Hey yeah, that does look like a Max Fleischer Snow White!