Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harmony Kingdom Figural Boxes

Based in England, Harmony Kingdom produces hollow figurines made from crushed marble and resin. Each piece doubles as a trinket box, and "hidden" inside is a little treasure that's revealed with the removal of the lid. When HK first started manufacturing Disney figural boxes, they were sold exclusively through the regular Disney avenues--the Theme Parks, the Disney Store, the Walt Disney Gallery, and the Disney Catalog. In the mid-2000s, Harmony Kingdom dealers began selling select pieces too.

In this post, we'll look at those sculptures dedicated solely to the Snow White gang.

Snow White.

Created by Disney artist Theresa Millerand, the princess figurine is encircled by all of the Seven Dwarfs. The lid (aka Snow White) removes to disclose the apple inside.

The figure, which stands a little under 4" tall, came in an oval-shaped box, and a Certificate of Authenticity was included. It was said to have been sold exclusively at locations within Walt Disney World in 1999 (but it also appeared in the Disney Gallery Catalog). Original retail price $95.00 (USD). Measures 4" tall. Made in England.

Images via Fantasies Come True and dznee.

Spring/Summer 1999 Disney Gallery Catalog (p.19)...

Catalog Scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


The Seven Dwarfs.

Sculpted by Disney Artist Robert King and released in 2002, this elaborate set includes seven individual dwarf figural boxes on a heavy-duty base. Inside each piece is a Swarovski glass "gem". Measures approximately 6.5" across and a 2.75" high. Retail price $195. Made in China.

Images via Marv's HK/ABE/FW.

Originally sold exclusively at select locations within Walt Disney World, the set also appeared in the Spring 2003 Disney Catalog (p.73). Another Harmony Kingdom Snow White sculpt is shown as well, the 2002 65th Anniversary Doc and Dopey piece.

Catalog Scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


The Fairest of Them All.

A limited edition of 500, this sculpt of the Queen on her throne was created by artist Jackie Gonzales. Lift the lid to reveal the heart box which was designed by Jody Daily. The throne is 5.25" tall. Original retail price $150. Made in China.

Pictured below is an unpainted "whiteware" cast of the piece in the pre-production stage. Next to it is the Jody Daily heart box.

Image courtesy Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily. Used with permission.

"The Fairest of Them All" pictured in the Holiday 2003 Disney Catalog (p.19)...

Catalog Scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


A Perfect Disguise.

The Old Hag was sculpted by artist Patrick Romandy-Simmons and was also released in 2003. The limited edition of 1000 retailed for $49.95. Inside is a cool looking "dripping skull" poison apple. The piece stands 3.5" tall

Witch images via Fantasies Come True

"A Perfect Disguise" appeared in the Halloween 2003 Disney Catalog (p.86). 

Catalog Scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


Snow White and Friends.

This 2005 release was the first Snow White figural box to be sold directly through Harmony Kingdom dealers. A limited edition of just 500, it depicts the princess surrounded by her animal friends. The piece has two separate hidden compartments, the main one under Snow and another in the shrubbery. A collectible cloisonné pin (previous post) was included in the first compartment. The figurine measures approximately 4.75" tall. Original retail price $125. Made in China.

Images via Briden_Sales.


Disney Jubilee Seven Dwarfs.

A limited edition of 500, this humorous-looking box was released in 2006. Dopey's head is the lid, and when removed, a miniature freestanding cottage is found inside. The piece features all seven of the Dwarfs and measures approximately 4" tall. Sold through HK dealers. Original retail price $85. Made in China.


Grumpy's Silly Song.

From 2006 comes this figural box with Grumpy at his organ. A limited edition of 1000, it was sold exclusively through Disney. Sculpted by artist Chris Peterson, it stands 4.25" tall and includes two squirrels hiding under the organ lid. Original retail price $99. Made in China.


  1. I've already heard about those Harmony Kingdom, but I didn't know there were so much !
    The organ and "Snow White and friend" are discoveries .
    I like this collection, but they 're too limited.Why ?
    Thank you very much for this awesome post .

    And take a look at the new Disney Traditions on my blog, I'm sure you'd be interested ;) .

  2. DSK-- the Disney Traditions are some cool pieces.

  3. Wow, the Wicked Queen looks absolutely stunning, both painted and unpainted.