Monday, July 12, 2010

Disney Store Snow White Snowglobe Frame - 2009

Yesterday, I wandered into the local Disney Store Outlet, one where they have slightly older merchandise discounted and ready to move. My normal routine is to check out the shirt section to see if they have any new Snow White tees. As usual they have plenty of Tinks, Grumpys, and Mickeys--and of course there's ample designs with all the princesses grouped together--but no individual Snows. Bummer.

But wait, "What's that on the floor? It's a five dollar bill!" I look around. No one nearby seems to be missing it. I glance down...then look around again. What the hey! I reach down and pocket the loot. The next moment, my wife walks up to me holding a Snow White snowglobe photo frame (from 2009). As I'm not a fan of pink and plastic packaging, my first reaction is lukewarm. She hands me the box and tells me to take a closer look before she wanders off.

It actually has some weight to it, and the Wishing Well frame is rather handsome. The nicely painted Snow White figure stands in front to the left. To the right is a squirrel in the water bucket encircled in a mini snow globe. I turn it over and see that the original list price of $24.50 (US) was marked down to $14.99, then to $9.99, then to $7.99, and now is going for just $4.99.

I reached in my pocket and pull out the five. With sales tax, it costs me about 30 cents. It was a good day shopping at the Disney Store.

Hand-painted, sculpted resin and glass. Measures 8.5" x 5.5''.

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