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Snow White - An Enchanting Musical (part IV)

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When Snow White: An Enchanting Musical opened in 2004, it received mixed reviews. Many guests thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, while others, hoping for a Broadway caliber production claimed it fell a little short. Yet, for a theme park performance, it was certainly a cut above the norm. From sets and costumes to action and effects, Disney spared no expense and it showed.
The musical [went] on hiatus for 2005 but returned for...its last season in 2006. It's final performance was the Labor Day weekend of (September 4) 2006. Source: filmfreak11

SNOW WHITE CURTAIN CALL, Photo by Ken Howard, 2.7.2004. 
High Res images via Disney and More. Copyright Disney.

The story concludes with Part IV: The Evil Queen transforms into the Old Witch and concocts the poison apple. She slips away to the Dwarfs cottage where Snow White succumbs to her deception. The forest animals alert the Dwarfs and they give chase after the Witch until she comes to a dramatic end. Finally, the Prince finds Snow White asleep and awakens her with love's first kiss.

Video posted by filmfreak11

On September 15, 2007, Disneyland held what they called the "Dream Sale". Unused items from the park were sold off to collectors and fans. One of those items (pictured below) was the sign from the Snow White: An Enchanting Musical that once hung above the entrance to the Fantasyland Theatre.

Image copyright Ablirien. Used with permission.

Also see the promotional trading cards that were produced in conjunction with the musical.

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