Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snow White "Paint Box" Tins

Five examples of children's paint sets produced in the UK. They date from circa 1938. All are labeled "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Paint Box". The small print reads: "By Permission Walt Disney-Mickey Mouse". Embossed mark on inside bottom reads, "Made in England". Pictured below from largest to smallest.

1. Holds 36 paint cubes. Measures 10" x 5.25". Litho illustration: The dwarfs present Snow White with pictures they've just painted.


2. Holds 32 to 36 paints. Measures 9.75" x 4". Litho illustration: Snow White with forest friends, the dwarfs (plus a rabbit) to left and right, cottage and castle above.

Two different paint tray inserts have been seen with this style tin, 32 and 36 cubes.


3. Holds (approx.) 30 paints. Measures 9.75" x 4". Litho illustration: Music and dance with Prince, Snow, and dwarfs.

Image via Hake's.


4. Holds 30 paints. Measures 6.75" x 4.5". Litho illustration: Gustaf Tenggren-style Snow White surrounded by the dwarfs, Grumpy and Happy with paint brushes.


5. Holds 18 paints. Measures about 6.75" long Litho illustration: Snow and the dwarfs dance and make music.

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  1. I love these!! Especially the lid on the last one. It's too adorable! I wish they still sold these things...I remember buying painting books as a kid and they always came with those plastic trays that you had to throw out after you made too big a mess, these would have made things so much nicer!