Saturday, July 3, 2010

South Korean Anti-Smoking Ad Featuring Snow White

The above image is a composite of three stills taken of an anti-smoking "rotating ad" in a South Korean subway. The advertisement was done by Kiss Creative Group for an anti-smoking message sponsored by the Kobaco company in South Korea. Released in the February 2003, it incorporates the classic pose of the Old Witch offering Snow White the poison apple--or in this case a pack of cigarettes. The video below posted by kpajamas613.

Ad Credits:
Copywriter: J. Park
Art Director: Kevin Bang / Stephano H. Yang
Creative Director: Steve S. Keum / Peter B. Yoo
Typographer: Lucy S. Kim
Illustrator: Myeong Ho Kim

 A related ad featuring Aurora and Phillip from Sleeping Beauty was also released in 2003. Images via Coloribus


  1. I'm assuming Disney must have approved these.

    That Sleeping Beauty one is kind of funny.