Monday, July 19, 2010

Snow White - An Enchanting Musical (part III)

The folks over at MousePlanet are to be commended for their coverage of the events surrounding the 2004 Disneyland opening of Snow White: An Enchanting Musical. They not only documented opening night, but covered other related things such as the remodel of the Troubadour Treats snack bar into the Enchanted Cottage. Located at the Fantasyland Theater, the snack bar sported a new carved-wood facade and served Snow White-themed food in collectible souvenir containers.

Above: Enchanted Cottage snack bar; Below: Souvenir popcorn container and coffee mug.

Both images via MousePlanet. Photographed by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix

The story continues with Part III:
After washing up, the dwarfs enjoy Snow White's dinner. A celebration and bedtime story follows. As the dwarfs and Snow White sleep, the Magic Mirror informs the Evil Queen of the Huntsman's failure to kill the princess. Source: filmfreak11

Video posted by filmfreak11

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