Saturday, June 8, 2013

1938 Snow White Paper Doll Book, Whitman No. 970 (blue cover)

In 1938, Whitman Publishing Co. produced a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Paper Dolls oversized book (no. 970). Contains a total of four leaves plus covers; measures approximately 11.5" x 17". The princess and dwarf dolls were printed on the front and back.

While the Seven Dwarfs are identical to those seen in the 1938 boxed set, the Snow White design looks a bit different. 

The doll has perforated edges around the illustration.

Dwarfs are on the back cover.

Dresses, jackets, animals and accessories. Some dress color schemes were changed when compared with those in the boxed set.

Additional image via Heritage Auctions.

The book was listed in the 1938 wholesale catalog from N. Shure Co. of Chicago. Price: 78¢ per dozen.

Catalog page via gdawg.

This blue-cover version was the retail edition sold in stores. A red-cover book was also produced as a premium for listeners of the Little Orphan Annie radio show.

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