Monday, September 26, 2011

1938 French Songbook (w/color illustrations)

Published in Paris by Salabert, this Snow White songbook was concurrent with the original 1938 European release of the film. Copyright Irving Berlin Inc. and "Walt Disney Mickey Mouse SA". The sheet music is a compilation for piano of eight songs from the movie (sans "The Washing Song"). With a total of 19 pages (including covers). Music is distributed over two pages per tune. Softcover. Measures 9.25" x 12.2" (23.5 x 31 cm).

Front cover and back covers.

Images courtesy Disney Showcase Key with additional pics from the Michael Filippello Collection.

Both B+W and color illustrations appear throughout. On the "Contents" page, Snow sings to what appears to be a distinctively European species of songbird.


Pages 2-3, La Tyrolienne des Nains (The Dwarfs' Yodel Song).

Pages 4-5, Sifflez en travaillant (Whistle While You Work).

Pages 6-7, Un sourire en chantant (With a Smile and a Song).

Pages 8-9, Un chant (One Song).

Pages 10-11, Un jour mon Prince viendra (Some Day My Prince Will Come).

Pages 12-13, Pic, pic, pic (Dig, Dig, Dig).

Pages 14-15, Heigh-Ho.

Pages 16-17, Je souhaite (I'm Wishing).

Illustrations copyright Disney. Sheet music copyright Bourne.


  1. Cool!
    It's a pleasure for me and my blog to collaborate with you one more time :) .

    The illustration are great, but I can't play the piano!

    By the way, the flea market where I found it was taking place yesterday.
    I returned there, but didn't find a good deal this time...

  2. DSK-- I'm glad we could collaborate. I personally haven't had much success with finding vintage Snow White items at flea markets. And when I do, often the prices tend to be overly high. So this songbook you found was a great deal.

  3. Love it !!!The illustrations are so nice !

  4. What a cool piece - with music, the universal language. I just posted some updated photos per your request on today's Fowler's Inn post.

  5. Ooh, I want! What a rare find this is. I've never seen anything like this.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I love everything Disney, so I'll definitely be back to your little corner of Disney.


  6. hi,
    may you add page 11 of 'some day my prince will come' it is missing
    great work

  7. HI Emmanuel. I will have to dig through my photo files to see if I have that page. Thanks for the comment.