Saturday, June 27, 2015

1985 Snow White "Disney Collection" Book from Japan

In 1985, a series of  "Disney Collection" books were being sold at Tokyo Disneyland. One of the titles was on Snow White. Slightly reminiscent of the classic Snow White book by Brian Sibley and Richard Hollis, this Japanese volume includes images of collectibles, theme park attractions, plus the entire film story in pictures and text.

Japanese Snow White collectibles.

Snow White's Adventures.

The making of the film.

Back cover.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney, 1985. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.
Scans courtesy of the Kurt Raymond Collection. 

It's a hard-to-find title today. If you come across it for sale, don't let it slip by. ISBN:4-06-1916734 (978-4-06-191673-9). 63 pages. Original retail 680 yen.