Monday, June 15, 2015

Rare 1937 "Red" Window Card from Snow White

Heritage's 2015 Movie Posters Signature Auction begins in less than two weeks on July 25th. Up for sale is a real find, a Snow White window card featuring the Seven Dwarfs. Printed on cardstock. Window cards were typically placed around town in storefronts, most often with the name of the cinema printed along the top panel, along with the show dates .

The poster measures the regular size of 14" x 22" and was originally available to theatre owners for 7¢ apiece in the Snow White pressbook (p.10). However, this particular version with the reddish background is a rarity. In fact the folks at Heritage Auctions have never come across one before.

Much more common is the blue style window card which is dated 1938.

The red style is a first edition version of the poster and is copyrighted 1937.

In the lower right-hand corner is the Walt Disney Productions "©WDP" imprint. Below it is a small 5-digit number, 13141, believed to be an RKO print reference number.

This particular window card was used by the Kewaunee Theatre for their screenings on May 28-30, 1938. Where was the Kewaunee Theatre? A quick Google search reveals that a movie house by this name did exist at the time in the small town of Kewaunee, Wisconsin.

Images via Heritage Auctions with additional photos courtesy of the Brad M. Collection.

The poster is now available for preview on the Heritage website.

Also see a couple more examples of Snow White window cards in an earlier post.


  1. It's amazing that things like this still turn up; Snow White was so popular, and yet, this is the ONLY example to survive nearly 80 years. Cool!

    1. Yeah it really is quite amazing how rare this poster is. I've never seen one before on any of the auction sites I check. But here it is, nearly 80 years later. :)