Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1938 RKO Danish Promotional Flyer for Snow White

Like the Danish flyer issued by Gloria-Film (in previous post), this advertising proposal (reklameforslag) would also have been sent to theatre operators. However, it was issued by RKO and probably not until late 1938. The official Denmark premiere of Snow White occurred on September 29th of that year, but the movie was re-released on Christmas Day in major provincial cities and later in smaller town cinemas.

The text on the front reads, "The movie everyone asks for!" (Filmen, alle spørger efter!) It also says "New copy!" (NY kopi!) This seems to indicate that more prints of the picture had come available for this new screening.

Inside the flyer are the Danish cast credits, the song list, favorable press reviews, and the usual buzzwords like--"a world success!" (En verdens-sukces!)

The back includes theatre promotional materials (reklamemateriale) and more info about the film. There's also a newspaper ad slick (annoncekliché) which was not included with the earlier flyer.

Special thanks to Holger Paulsen for sharing these images found online.

Also read the firsthand account of Harry Rasmussen who as a young boy first saw Snehvide og de syv Dværge on Christmas Day 1938.

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