Saturday, October 1, 2011

My First Snow White Pin

I was not yet a collector of Snow White when I purchased this pin. I wasn't even a fan of the film as I'd never been able to watch the thing through without falling asleep in the middle.

So here it was, the end of a 5-day stay at Walt Disney World--my first visit ever. My head was spinning from--totally and unsuspectingly--catching the Disney fever. In particular, earlier in the week I'd had a unique experience while on the Snow White's Scary Adventures attraction. Now on our last morning, my wife and I were waiting to board the Disney Bus at the All Star Resort.

This was back in December of 2000. The pin trading craze was just exploding onto the scene, and they had a pin cart right outside the front door. We stopped to look and I purchased this pin--clueless that more than a decade later I'd be siting here writing about it. Funny where life will take you if you let it.


The open edition pin, measuring 1 3/8" x 7/8", features Snow White holding a flower bouquet basket. Sold at Walt Disney World, it probably first appeared on pin racks early in 2000 and was still being seen on cast member lanyards in 2003. It has since been retired. I don't recall the actual individual retail price but around five bucks seems about right.

Images from personal collection unless otherwise noted. 

Being an open edition, the backstamps went through a number of slight alterations each time Disney released new runs. All the pins have "© Disney Made in China" (and that's all mine has). But the earliest ones included the "2000" logo and the tagline "Celebrate the future hand in hand" with the "Walt Disney World" logo.

"Celebrate" logo, WDW, May 2000 / My first pin, WDW, December 2000.

The next couple of years, the pin continued to have the "© Disney Made in China" stamp, but it also included the year stamp for "2001" or "2002" plus the "Official Pin Trading" logo.

"Pin Trading", 2001. 


  1. ooh, I love that pin. Interesting about the different backs

  2. Very nice story,

    Do you know how I 've become a Disney collector myself ?
    Well, I think it all started with the seven Dwarfs figurines.
    This needing of having them all, the seven one, not one or six :-) .
    It's certainly how I started collecting Disney ...

  3. When I saw your post on my blog that said "if you like Snow White feel free to do the same" I had to run right over. Snow white is a bit of an obsession of mine. It's a subtle one, but it's there and anyone who knows me wouldn't have expected me to wait to come read your blog.

    That pin, is one of the very first pins I ever traded for. Pin collection is a not so subtle obsession of mine lol.

    So, eating at Disney and Snow White are two things we have in common. I look forward to seeing what other intrests we might share!

    ~Lady Hill~

  4. Wow, what a cool story!!! So glad you shared it!

  5. That's really neat! I have only a handful of pins - my first pins were ones that came with special edition DVD preorders.

  6. Great story! I also enjoyed reading your five part story about your first visit to Walt Disney World and the first time you rode Snow White's Adventures. I think I missed those posts because I wasn't a "follower" of your blog yet!

  7. CaseyluvsDisney-- Glad you found it interesting too.

    DSK-- I knew we must have had a deeper Snow White connection. :)

    Lady Hill-- Tasty food and Snow White talk...that's a good combination.

    Elf Queen-- I have a few of those too. It's interesting that sometimes the pins were different depending upon where you pre-ordered the DVD.

    Tokyo-- Glad you liked it. Yes, I wasn't always a SW fan. Funny how things can change and life takes you in brand new directions. My Disney/Snow White interests took me totally by surprise.