Thursday, October 27, 2011

Disney Animators' Collection - Snow White Doll

In the previous post, we saw Snow White as an infant. Now she's a toddler.

Item No. 6070040580050P

Created under the guidance of Walt Disney Studio's master animators Glen Keane and Mark Henn, the new Disney Animators' Collection is the re-imagining of 10 different Disney heroines as toddler dolls. Released earlier this month on Oct 3rd at the Disney Store and the theme parks.

Each doll stands 16'' tall. Retail price: $24.95 (USD). Available from the, this doll sold out online Oct 25th, was restocked Oct 26, and sold out again today Oct 27th. It will be restocked again.

The other dolls in the collection...

All images copyright Disney Store


UPDATE September 2013:

The dolls have been re-released at the Disney Store with new dress designs for 2013. Retail price still at $24.95.

Item No. 6070040580901P.


  1. she's cute, i like her. on the other hand the dwarf babies i found a, creepy!

  2. Have you seen the Disney Designer Princess Snow White? She's sold out now, but she's pretty!

  3. I have seen the Designer dolls. They're quite stunning for sure. Will be doing a post of them too at some point. :)

  4. I just ordered the entire series of dolls, bar for Snow White as she is sold out right now, to use as decor for my daughter's princess room. They are so cute I could die.

  5. Pippidee-- Congrats on the doll purchases. They are cute. Too bad about Snow White being sold out, but she is available on ebay right now.