Monday, October 24, 2011

More Snow White Totes, Wallets and Purses

Snow White satchels and handbags continue to reign in their popularity. Quite a few pieces have been produced over the last few years (see earlier post on purses) and new ones continue to pop up in stores. Most are licensed by Disney but not all.

Snow White Handbag...

We'll start off with this Loungefly leather-like purse (16" x 14"). With Snow White applique, it's nearly identical to one seen a couple years ago except that the perforated white vinyl shell is more distinctive here.

Loungefly Vinyl Handbag (2011). Images snapped at TrenD store, Downtown Disney, Orlando.


Matching Wallet...

Loungefly does it again with a wallet to accompany the purse above.

 Loungefly Vinyl Wallet (2011). Images snapped at Disney Store outlet.


Pretty in Pink Totes...

A couple bags from Hong Kong which probably lack that official Disney stamp, but nonetheless they sport a fresh and appealing portrait of the princess...

Hong Kong Totes (2010).  
Images courtesy of BBtoysHK and yeahbest88. Used with permission.


Birds and Butterflies Tote Bag and Clutch Wallet...

Manufactured by Loungefly, this matching tote (16" x 14") and wallet (8" x 4") have sateen and embroidered details on their fronts. The wallet has a magnetic flap closure and also a long zip coin pocket on the inside behind credit card slots. Tote original list price $44.99 (USD), less for the wallet.

Loungefly Tote and Clutch (2009-10).


Snow White Bow Clutch Bag...

Disney Couture clutch bag (9” x 5") with screen art and colored rhinestones. Satin lining and cotton canvas. Two magnetic snap and one zippered compartments. List price $34.95. Was still available through the Disney Store not too long ago.

Disney Couture Clutch (2010-11). Images snapped at TrenD.  
Additional image via Disney Store.


Snow White Wallet...

This kiss lock expandable envelope wallet (7.5" x 4.5") utilizes the same artwork as the clutch bag above. From the Loop NYC Disney Couture Collection, it has a nylon body with printed art and applique, "jewel" embellishments, and satin lining. It was seen at the WDW TrenD store in Downtown Disney last February and at Disney outlet stores in the spring. $30.00.

Loop NYC Disney Couture Wallet (2011). Images snapped at TrenD and Disney Store Outlet.
Additional images via Regencies


Matching Purse ...

From the same series as above, this Disney Couture purse was also available from WDW's TrenD this past February.

Disney Couture Purse (2011). Images from TrenD.


Real Leather Wallet ...

Designed by Isabella Fiora, this leather Snow White billfold (4 1/2'' x 5 1/2'') opens to 12 card slots plus a clear plastic-covered ID holder.

Images via Style Addiction.


Snow White Purse/Clutch ...

Another nylon body purse (11" x 7") from the Loop NYC Disney Couture Collection. It has an adjustable shoulder strap that can be removed to convert it into a clutch. TrenD had it for sale at the beginning of this year.

Disney Couture Purse/Clutch (2011). Images via Regencies.


Snow White "Apple" Tote and Wallet...

This Loungefly nylon canvas bag (16" x 14.5 ") has a faux leather handle and trim. Features a dynamic image of the princess holding the poisoned apple with the witch gazing on in the background.  Infamous text reads, "Snow White. Lips as red as the rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow." Floral design on back. Inner lining is in red with black wallpaper style swirls and apples. Zippered pocket. S60.00.

Matching wallet (8"X 4"), $35.00.

Loungefly Tote and Wallet. Images via Beadesaurus.

Cool bags! Too bad they don't offer 'em in man-purse varieties.


  1. How fun!! A few years ago I had an Evil Queen purse. It was so awesome.

  2. i have this wallet ,.. however i didnt know they had a matching bag wow!!!

  3. Where can I purchase the Snow White Apple Tote and matching wallet? I had it and mine was also stolen. Please help me find this again. Thank you.

    Lisa Perra

  4. Unfortunately, these are all a few years old now and no longer available from the regular retailers. However, they do show up online from time to time. Watching ebay and other sellers sites is probably your best option.