Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WDCC Postcard/Pin for Kent Melton Sculpts, 2003

This postcard was sent out to promote sculptor Kent Melton's 2-piece Snow White set And Away To His Castle We'll Go and To Be Happy Forever, I Know. Card measures 6" x 4".


The promotional pin is different from those of past WDCC promotions in that it's a "pin" with a post-back rather than a "button" with a pin-back. At 2" x 1.5", it is also much smaller in size than the earlier buttons which measured 3.5" x 2". Backside reads "Walt Disney Classics Collection; Limited Edition 5000; © Disney China".

Button vs. pin comparison...


  1. I found this pin last year and I bought it for 5 euros!
    I LOVE the Wdcc pin's.
    And I hope I'll get this scene, someday ...

  2. Casey and SBB-- I agree! This is a handsome postcard and pin promotion.

    DSK-- Nice find for 5 euros!