Monday, October 3, 2011

Kent Melton and the WDCC Snow White/Prince Figurines, 1998-2006

Artist Kent Melton was working on live-action film projects in California when in the early 1990s he landed the job of sculpting all the character maquettes for Disney's Aladdin. His artistic reputation soon grew within the company and when in 1992 the first porcelain pieces began to appear in the Walt Disney Classic Collection, he was a natural recruit. To date, Kent has sculptured more than half of all the WDCC figurines produced.

Kent Melton sculpting maquette for Tangled.

When it comes to pairing Snow White and Prince sculpts together, Kent has been the go-to guy. The first was A Kiss Brings Love Anew, a numbered limited edition of 1650. It was released at the 1998 Disneyana Convention held September 7th-11th at WDW's Contemporary Resort.

The piece measures 11" x 10" and is 9 1/4" tall. The flowers at the base of the bier and around the pillow are handmade. The backstamp had a special 1998 Disneyana logo with an image of Walt Disney. A Certificate of Authenticity came in the box as well as a Disneyana Convention Certificate of Verification. Retail price was $750 (USD).

Item Number: 11K-41307-0 (Old)/1028765 (Current)
Stock Images copyright Disney


Introduced in March 1999, I'm Wishing for the One I Love featured the scene where the Prince and Snow White meet. This was the first time two WDCC characters had been sculpted separately but sold together as a set.

Snow is 8 1/2" tall, the Prince 9 1/4". She's wearing her rag dress. His dagger is fashioned from pewter. First year bottom-stamp was the sorcerer's hat. This open edition set was retired March 2000. Retailed for $295 (USD).

Item Number: 11K-41412-0 (Old)/1028797 (Current)


This set featured the two figurines of Snow White on horseback, And Away To His Castle We'll Go, and the Prince standing by her side, To Be Happy Forever, I Know. Again bundled and sold together, the open edition pair was released in July 2003.

Snow White with horse is 9 1/2" high, Prince 8 3/4". Knife and horse are stirrups made of pewter. The first year production mark was the harp (from 1947's Mickey and the Beanstalk). Retired October 2007. Set retailed for $450 (USD).

Item Number: 1228042


Released March 2006, A Dance Among the Stars featured Snow White and the Prince from the dream wedding sequence that never made it into the film. Measures 8 5/8" tall. This open edition was retired December 2009. Retail price $295 (USD).

Item Number: 4004515


The Snow White and Prince Sculpture Base was also introduced in March 2006. The open edition porcelain platform retailed for $50 (USD). Still available. (Wedding couple was sold separately.)

Info/stock images courtesy of Duckman's WDCC Inside Report. 



  1. Interesting! Did the wedding sequence make it to the pencil sketch stage? I'm familiar with the "soup" scene and the "bed making" scene, but didn't know about the wedding!

  2. Tokyo-- Tomorrow I'm posting a 2006 article from Sketches Magazine. In it is shown some of the story drawings from this sequence. Also mentioned was a pencil test that was first shown publicly in 1987. Coming up in a future post, I'll be doing a more in depth look at this abandoned sequence.

  3. Fantastic! Eager to see all this ! :D