Sunday, October 2, 2011

Disney Store 'Snow White with Apple' Ornament

Sold through the Disney Store, this 2011 Snow White ornament sports a yellow tulle gown with glitter accents. She holds a sparkling red apple in her left hand. Resin, 5.5" tall. Part of a Disney Princess Ornament collection, 8 in all; each sold separately. Retail price: $10.50.

Item No. 6434015681895P


UPDATE 2012: Snow's back online at the US Disney Store...

And she's also featured on the Euro Disney Store sites for £10.00 (GBP)...

Item No. 410204610460P


UPDATE August 2014: It's been a couple years, but the same Snow White ornament has returned again to the Disney Store...

This time, however, her bodice and bow are glitter-covered and the satin gown sports a glitter design. Includes a 2014 Disney Store logo charm. Now part of the Disney Princess Sketchbook Ornament Collection, each sold separately. Retail $12.95.

Item No. 6434048303414P.

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