Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fan Art to Cosplay for Snow White Costume

Artist Claire Hummel, aka shoomlah, has created a series of impressive illustrations featuring the Disney princesses in historical dress. Her Snow White design, for instance, is set in 16th century Germany. She says on her deviantArt page, "I took a wide swath from about 1500-1530 to come up with something that still maintained the spirit of the original design...Honestly? I just wanted to draw those damn slashed sleeves. I want them SO BAD."

Image copyright Claire Hummel

Claire says she receives requests from cosplayers asking permission to re-create her dress designs, though no one has ever sent her a photo of a finished dress...until now. Here's a glowing example from costumer Chibirinoa who made the outfit for Halloween this year.

Image copyright Chibirinoa

Re-creating Hummel's illustrated design is an amazing feat in itself. Making it work in the real world is something else entirely. Yet Chibirinoa seems to have done just that. From her website...
Snood: The snood was one of the most annoying parts of this costume. It's made of a bunch of trim with hand sewn pearls between the diamonds and sewn down to bias tape with elastic strung through it. I'm wearing two wigs just to get the net full enough!

Bodice: The main part of the bodice is suede and has center panel embroidery that I did free motion on my machine. The gold on the sleeves was also embroidered with zig zag stitching to mimic the artwork. The rest of the fabrics are a loose weave boucle and a cotton eyelet. The back laces up with gold laces.

Skirt: the skirt is casa collection satin with the jacquard band and bias tape. The skirt had to have shoulder straps to keep it sitting high enough on my waist!

Muchas gracias to Hana Street for the notice on this.


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