Saturday, October 22, 2011

Drawing Snow White

Here's another tutorial on how to draw Snow White, this one from WikiHow.

Step #1:

Sketch Snow White's body. Draw a vertical line with a curve where the bust will be crossed with a horizontal line for the arms. Then draw an oval on either side of the horizontal line for the hands. On top of the vertical line, make an oval shape for the head. Make a cross on the face to create guidelines for facial features later.

Step #2:

Draw an oval for the torso. Under that, make a curvy skirt shape.

Step #3:

Add the eyes on the horizontal guideline of the face. Draw the eyebrows above. Mouth smiling, slightly open. Small curve for the nose, between the eyes and mouth. Outline the hair using a wavy line. Begin at the top of the head and end at the chin. Draw two outward curving lines from the chin for the neck

Step #4:

Detail the dress. Continue shaping the corset on the torso, and add movement to the skirt. The sleeves should be short and puffy. Put a big collar on the neck.

Step #5:

Add detail to the arms and hands.

Step #6:

Carefully outline the image, erasing all pencil lines when you finish.

Step #7:

Color the image. Add shadows and highlights if desired.

Images and instruction copyright WikiHow. Creative Commons License.

For more Snow White tutorials, see the earlier drawing lesson by Dawn Darko and also the How to Draw books.


  1. Enourmous web, terrific !!!
    You´re linked and recommended on our spanish site !!

  2. By the way, you can post if you want my fan art of Snow White, is here in my personal blog,

  3. Thank you Haddy for the link. I have linked back to Informemos de Disney also. And yes, I will definitely include your Snow White fan art in the next post that I do on this subject. Thanks again!