Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WDCC "Villains Series" Figurines, 2000/2004

Evil to the Core was released in 2004 as part of the Villains Series in the Walt Disney Classics Collection. The Chris Peterson sculpt was available only from May 15th through September 30th, and then only by special order with a redemption certificate, exclusive to members of the Walt Disney Collectors Society.

Item Number: 1230025

This 3-piece porcelain set features the Old Witch holding the poison apple (6"), her bubbling cauldron (3") and the evil spell book on a stand (3.75"). The apple is made of resin and hangs from a metal string. Inkwells on book stand are bronze and pewter. The 2004 production year bottom-stamp was the bumble bee from Melody Time. Figures were sold as a set with a retail price of $299.

WDCS member redemption certificate...


Stock images copyright Disney via the Duckman.

Four years earlier, Snow White was represented in the Villains Series with the year 2000 release of
Enthroned Evil. Another WDCS members-exclusive, it was available for just five months from March 15th through August 15th only with a redemption certificate.

Sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons, the highly detailed figure is 10.5" tall and features the Wicked Queen sitting on her throne. Scepter is made of pewter. Original retail price: $395 (USD).

The regular release figurines were individually numbered on the bottom. Dealer displays were marked "D.D." Both simply labeled the piece as "Queen" rather than "Enthroned Evil". The production year stamp was Dumbo's magic feather.

 Regular Release Item Number: 11K-20315-0 (Old)/1205544 (Current)

Dealer Display Item Number: 11K-46063-0 (Old)/1212069 (Current)


  1. These are wonderful. The way the Evil Queen's cloak swirls to rest over her feet is so elegant, and her Hag form is very disturbing.

  2. I agree...the Queen's cloak is well done on this sculpt and the Hag is definitely a frightening likeness.

  3. Somehow, they managed to reproduce the Quee'ns majesty and the Witch's frightening look !