Friday, October 7, 2011

Publicity Stills for "Snow White and the Huntsman"

Directed by Rupert Sanders, Snow White and the Huntsman stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, Sam Claflin as the Prince, and Charlize Theron plays the Queen. The first chapter in what the producers suggest might be an action-adventure movie trilogy is scheduled to open on June 1, 2012 in the US and Canada.

These "first look" publicity stills were released by Universal Studios this past July...

Then these on-set shots in Wales appeared online a little over a week ago in late September...

Additional images copyright Tilak Desai/Splash New and Rex Features

One thing's for darn ain't the Snow White story your grandmother read. It'll be interesting to see how Sanders tells this one.


  1. I am curious to see how will be this movie ^__^

  2. Chris Hemsworth looks nice here! I had no idea about this movie.


    (Sorry if this double posted. The first one came back with an error).

  3. Is someone else making a Snow White movie? I just saw something in the current "Entertainment Weekly" magazine that showed Julia Roberts playing the evil queen in a Snow White movie.

  4. Tokyo-- Yes, the Julia Roberts film is being produced by Relativity Media, directed by Tarsem Singh.

    Publicity stills here:

  5. Well now I feel pretty foolish! I somehow missed your post right before this one! Those are some of the same pics I saw in the current issue. It will be interesting to see how these two movie compare to one another and also how well they do in the theaters.

  6. It will be interesting to see how they compare and also how they fare at the box office. Two very different approaches to the story for sure.