Friday, August 16, 2013

1958 Non-Buena Vista Pressbook

Another English-language Snow White pressbook was produced in 1958, in addition to the one seen in the previous post. The content is similar except this book is smaller in size (8.5" x 11"), with only 24 instead of 28 pages (including covers). What's most interesting, though, is that this edition does not reference the Buena Vista Film Distribution Company.

On the front cover of the larger version, the Buena Vista logo is clearly displayed in the lower right corner. It's absent on the smaller edition.

References to Buena Vista are also missing from the text inside. One example is seen in the animation credits box. On the left, it's clearly listed as a BV re-release. On the right, no BV credit;

The placement and layout of the pages are a bit different too, particularly because the smaller book lacks the publicity stories. BV version (top). Sans BV (below).

The Buena Vista logo has been removed from all of the newspaper ad slicks as well. The rest of the pressbook is laid out as follows.

Pages 4-5.

Pages 6-7.

Pages 8-9.

Pages 10-11.

Buena Vista does get one mention in the text, but it may have been an oversight. In the BV pressbook from the previous post, the "Special Accessory" order form was located next to the last page and along side an ad for a 20 foot streamer. That streamer ad is still on the last page of this book, but the order form seems out of place here on page 10.

Pages 12-13.

Pages 14-15.

Pages 16-17.

Pages 18-19.

Pages 20-21.

Pages 22-23.

The rear cover is identical to the larger version, and the poster images do include the Buena Vista logo.

Images and info courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

This smaller edition of the 1958 pressbook was probably intended for an international market where a film distribution company, other than Buena Vista, would be utilized.

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