Thursday, August 15, 2013

1958 Buena Vista Snow White Pressbook

It was in 1958 that Snow White would be re-released in the US for the first time via Buena Vista rather than RKO. The pressbook has a total of 28 pages (including covers) and measures approximately 10.5" x 13.5".

Front cover. Note the Buena Vista logo in the lower right corner.

Pages 2-3. Text reads: "Re-released by Buena Vista Film Distribution Co., Inc." Included here is a film synopsis and newspaper copy.

Pages 4-5. Newspaper copy.

Pages 6-7. Merchandising: Dexter charm bracelet, Gund hand puppets, Jaymar puzzles, US Time watch, Oak Rubber balloons, and more

Pages 8-9. Disneyland Records soundtrack, "Story of" record, Mickey Mouse Club record, and sheet music. Plus Little Golden singles and Seven Dwarfs Find a House book/record set.

Pages 10-11. Little Golden Books (including Seven Dwarfs Find a House), Big Golden Books, Giant Funtime Book, Tell-A-Tale Book, and the Dell comic book. Sanitone Dry Cleaning campaign.

Pages 12-13. Reynolds Wrap free comic. Plus Wall Plaques.

Page 14. Hudson tissues, Jell-o displays. Inserted into the pressbook was a "Correction" slip mentioning that the Hudson tie-in was cancelled.

Page 15. Coloring contest. The Seven Dwarfs and the Witch-Queen Sunday comic strip.

Pages 16-17. Film trailers and radio promotions. Advertising Section--newspaper ad.

Pages 18-19. Newspaper ads. (The illustration on page 18 was available as a 40x60 poster too.)

Pages 20-21. Newspaper ads. (The same ad design which appears in the lower right-hand corner of page 21 was also made into a 30x40 poster.)

Pages 22-23. Newspaper ads.

Pages 24-25. Newspaper ads.

Pages 26-27. Newspaper ads. 20-foot lobby display streamer.

Rear cover. Posters and accessories. Lobby cards, window card, insert, half-sheet, 1-sheet, 3-sheet, 6-sheet.

Image scans from the Filmic Light Collection.

A smaller version of this pressbook was also produced. See it in the next Archive entry.