Thursday, August 15, 2013

1958 Buena Vista Snow White Pressbook

It was in 1958 that Snow White would be re-released in the US for the first time via Buena Vista rather than RKO. The pressbook has a total of 28 pages (including covers) and measures approximately 10.5" x 13.5".

Front cover. Note the Buena Vista logo in the lower right corner.

Pages 2-3. Text reads: "Re-released by Buena Vista Film Distribution Co., Inc." Included here is a film synopsis and newspaper copy.

Pages 4-5. Newspaper copy.

Pages 6-7. Merchandising: Dexter charm bracelet, Gund hand puppets, Jaymar puzzles, US Time watch, Oak Rubber balloons, and more

Pages 8-9. Disneyland Records soundtrack, "Story of" record, Mickey Mouse Club record, and sheet music. Plus Little Golden singles and Seven Dwarfs Find a House book/record set.

Pages 10-11. Little Golden Books (including Seven Dwarfs Find a House), Big Golden Books, Giant Funtime Book, Tell-A-Tale Book, and the Dell comic book. Sanitone Dry Cleaning campaign.

Pages 12-13. Reynolds Wrap free comic. Plus Wall Plaques.

Page 14. Hudson tissues, Jell-o displays. Inserted into the pressbook was a "Correction" slip mentioning that the Hudson tie-in was cancelled.

Page 15. Coloring contest. The Seven Dwarfs and the Witch-Queen Sunday comic strip.

Pages 16-17. Film trailers and radio promotions. Advertising Section--newspaper ad.

Pages 18-19. Newspaper ads. (The illustration on page 18 was available as a 40x60 poster too.)

Pages 20-21. Newspaper ads. (The same ad design which appears in the lower right-hand corner of page 21 was also made into a 30x40 poster.)

Pages 22-23. Newspaper ads.

Pages 24-25. Newspaper ads.

Pages 26-27. Newspaper ads. 20-foot lobby display streamer.

Rear cover. Posters and accessories. Lobby cards, window card, insert, half-sheet, 1-sheet, 3-sheet, 6-sheet.

Image scans from the Filmic Light Collection.

A smaller version of this pressbook was also produced. See it in the next Archive entry.


  1. The pressbook is great, but one of my favorite details is that Buena Vista logo!

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