Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 Fairytale Designer Collection - Dolls

Snow White and the Prince were the first of five royal doll couples to be released as part of the 2013 Disney Fairytale Designer Collection. They appeared at the Disney Store on August 20th and the following day online. The remaining dolls in the series will be issued every other Tuesday through October 15th. Edition size is 6,000 (worldwide).

Back on August 12th, a pre-order listing for the entire collection of dolls was posted online at the Disney Store. Retail $649.75. This offer sold out in just 9 minutes!

Item No. 6070040900920P.

The Snow White and the Prince Doll Set, from the Disney Store description:
  • Romantic side-swept hair
  • Dramatic lace collar
  • Elaborately embroidered velvet bodice with puff sleeves with red satin detailing
  • Layered gown ornately decorated with golden gemstones, taffeta, lace, and embroidered foliage
  • Dramatic make-up and rooted eyelashes
  • Red bow headband
  • Prince features velvet cape
  • Satin shirt with faux leather waistcoat and belt
  • Boots and sword
  • Intended for adult collectors -- Not a child's toy.

Made of plastic/polyester, Snow White stands 11.5'' tall, the Prince 12''. Retail price $129.95 (US),
£100.00 (UK), 120,00 € (France/Germany). In the US, customers are limited to one doll couple per order. Two are allowed in Europe.

US Disney Store Item No. 6070040900883P + UK/France/Germany No. 411046284871P.

Dolls are sold in a keepsake display case with intricate details on the base, including a golden plate with the name of Snow White and the Prince

The box fits inside the included Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Gift Bag. Paper. Measures 16'' x 8.25'' x 8.25'.

Doll couple includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Stock images copyright Disney Store.

All other images provided by doll enthusiast drj1828.

In addition to the dolls seen above, a special "Ivory" Snow White and Prince were created exclusively for this year's D23 Expo. Limited Edition of only 600 sets worldwide. Retail $129.95.

Snow at the Expo inside the Anaheim Convention Center...

A Disney Geek behind-the-scenes look at how the Disney Designer Fairytale Collection goes from sketch to finished product.



  1. "Intended for adult collectors -- Not a child's toy."
    That doesn't stop my inner child from mentally playing with them. Specifically, a romantic kiss scene.

    "Dahling, let us smooch!"

    "Gah! Your eyelashes stabbed my eyes! Ow ow ow!"

    Those are some impressive eyelashes, Snow. o.O

    1. Good one Sheryl. She does have daggers for eyelashes, doesn't she? :)