Friday, August 2, 2013

Vintage Seven Dwarfs Postcards by Valentine & Sons

Beginning around the time of the film's 1938 general release, Valentine and Sons Ltd. of Dundee, Scotland produced several series of Snow White postcards. This particular set differed from the others in that it would highlight just one character per card. In addition, two variations of each postcard were published. The first included a rhyming caption at the bottom. The other printing did not. Cards are standard size 3.5" x 5.5"; regular postcard stock.

#4227 Happy

Note that all postcards which include the rhyme on the front, also contain the tagline "THIS IS A REAL PHOTOGRAPH" on the back.

In what was probably a later printing, these next postcards don't contain the rhyming caption nor the "photograph" tagline. They do, however, include a card number on the back. This one is #4227.

Some were clearly used to promote specific movie venues by way of additional text: "As 'Happy' as the day is long at CLIFTONVILLE"

#4228 Bashful

"Don't be 'Bashful' come to MARGATE"

#4229 Doc

"Doc says --Bournemouth will do you a world of good"

#4230 Grumpy

"Feeling 'Grumpy'? Come to Margate"

#4231 Sneezy

"Sneezy Matter Enjoying Yourself at MARGATE"

#4232 Sleepy

#4303 Dopey

Note the card number on the back (#4303) does not follow in the same sequence as the rest of the series.

#4304 Snow White

A Snow White postcard was also included in this series.

Non-numbered back.


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