Tuesday, May 2, 2017

1960s Disneyland Snow White Bracelet by Dexter

In conjunction with the 1958 re-release of Snow White to US theatres, the Dexter Manufacturing Co. of Providence, RI produced an all-metal gold-plated charm bracelet for girls. Includes eight three-dimensional characters with enamel-like color accents on their front sides. Each measures about 1". The chain is approximately 6". The suggested retail price was only $1.00. The bracelet was listed in the 1958 pressbook and again in the pressbook merchandising supplement for the 1967 re-release.

The same gold tone bracelet was also sold at Disneyland. It's attached to a colorful aqua-blue card inside a gold-colored metal box with a clear plastic lid. Dates from 1966. Bottom center of card reads, "© Walt Disney Productions MCMLXVI." The Prince is pictured to the left, Snow White on the right.

This example also dates from 1966 but has a slightly different chain design. The characters appear to be more silver tone rather than gold.

Another Disneyland issue. Not dated but probably circa 1960s. From the "Little Miss" line.

A "© Walt Disney Productions" imprint is seen on the back of Snow White.

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