Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Autographed Adriana Caselotti

Later in her life, Adriana Caselotti became a prolific autograph signer and usually sold them to help supplement her income. Most of the signatures below are on 8x10 black and white glossy photographs.

"Love..." Image courtesy of BudsGoods.

" A wishing apple?"

"Why, you're little men." Image courtesy of Autograph Collectors Gallery.

Image via wildestwesterns.

Image courtesy of the Nunziante Valoroso Collection.

"Voice of..." Image courtesy of blueskies239.

"Oh Dopey!" Image via dfarley61845.

Uh...Puppies! Image courtesy of PJs Collectibles Plus.

"Some day my prince will come." Image courtesy of American Icon Autographs.

"Some day my prince will come." Image courtesy of Chuck McKeen Autographs.

"Voice of..." Image courtesy of Chuck McKeen Autographs.

" age 80!" Image courtesy Phil Sears Collectibles. Caselotti outside her Hollywood home. 
8x10 recently sold for $179 (US).


Graham Clipson runs the Autograph Collectors Gallery in Nottingham, England. In a recent email, he tells how he spoke with Adriana many times...
She used to sing over the telephone to us a few years before she passed away. I have many signed photo's of her as she said, 'I won't last forever.' A delightful lady.

Below is a letter dated November 1994 from Adriana to the Clipsons in regards to their order of 51 signed photos.


Also see Adriana's Autographed Photos Brochure.