Friday, November 5, 2010

Snow White's Ipad and Other Mashups

All images copyright Minuek Warrier. Used with Permission.

Graphic artist Minuek Warrior's slightly edgy take on Disney's first princess, created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator: 
The Ipad (above) was just a bit of a laugh surrounding all the media attention on the recent Ipad release.

The idea behind the [next two] images was taking something that was pure, in this example Snow White, and adding a destructive element to it. A lot of the early Disney films had a underlying sense of darkness to them and I wanted to reflect that in these pictures.

The image of the gas mask invokes a sense of panic or turmoil.

The Coke can picture was just a little bit of fun really with a bit of a nod to the adbusters and anti-advertising movements, with the witch offering up a can of Coke instead of a poisoned apple.  Minuek Warrior

See more of Minuek Warrier's work on flickr.

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