Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some Day My Prince Will Come - Jazz and Pop Covers

Adriana Caselotti's showstopping "Some Day My Prince Will Come" is one of the many touching highlights from Snow White. Composed by Frank Churchill with lyrics by Larry Morey, the song is ranked #19 on the American Film Institute's list of the 100 greatest songs in movie history.

Over the years, the tune has been performed by both jazz and pop artists alike. First covered by the Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1957, the American jazz pianist was inspired to record the song for his Dave Digs Disney album after hearing the original on one of his kid's Disney records. Other jazz greats followed including Miles Davis whose 1961 arrangement included a sax solo by John Coltrane. Modern day recordings continue like that of Venetians Radu and Violeta Zaplitnii.

Pop covers include Diana Ross and The Supremes (1967), Sinéad O'Connor (1988), Tanya Tucker (1996), Barbra Streisand (2001), Tiffany Thornton (2009) and quite a number of others. Some are welcome renditions of Adrianna Caselotti's original. Others nearly make me ill. But who am I to judge?

Here's a cross section...

Performed by Dave Brubeck Quartet. Video posted by daalmelo.

Performed by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, et al. Video posted by elnapoli.

Performed by Radu e Violeta Zaplitnii. Video posted by neboske.

Performed by Linda Ronstadt. Video posted by planetlove71.

Performed by Barbra Streisand. Video posted by StylishlyDemented.

Performed by Ashley Tisdale. Video posted by Pinkgirlie1995.

Performed by Cheetah Girls. Video posted by wiishup0nast4r.

Performed by Tiffany Thornton. Video posted by DisneyChannelUK.

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