Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snow White 3D Plates (60th Anniversary - 1997)

The Disney Store offered a series of four commemorative 3D plates during the Snow White 60th Anniversary. Each was a limited edition of 10,000. The stoneware pieces measure approximately 8.5" in diameter and feature three-dimensional reliefs of the characters. A hanging ring is attached to the backside. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Love's First Glance


Magic Mirror on the Wall




True Love At Last

Images viahudsonscloset and glitzgirl2.


The plate collection was listed in the Spring 1997 Disney Catalog.

Catalog scan courtesy of Whistle While We Blog.


  1. It's beautifull, but how can we eat in that kind of plate ??
    Ok, it's for exposition only :-) .

    Happy new year everyone ;-).

  2. It´s beautiful!!
    happy new year!!!

  3. I almost fell out of bed when I saw the evil queen!!!