Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lights On SWSA

Here's a rare and dynamic look at the WDW Snow White's Scary Adventures with the lights on. It's a special kind of "behind-the-scenes tour that was posted a couple months ago by the good folks at MouseChatVideos...

Thanks to Kurt Raymond for the heads-up on this vid.

With SWSA going away, this footage is all the more special. It's only too bad the videographer wasn't able to get in his/her own mine car.

Screen captures from video by


  1. Am I free to use those screen captures or is there someone I should ask?

    Great vid by the way. All that clunking made it not so cool as it could have been...and with those chatty riders in front...

  2. Oh Deer, I used paint-reapair this attraction often with fluorescent paint in Tokyo Disney land with our team, but we always worked with UV light, never with normal lights turned on. Funny to see, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video! I would love to have the opportunity to ride some of the dark rides with the lights on. I've never had great success filming inside any of them because it's just too least for my camera. Back in the nineties, Disneyland had a special event for annual pass holders and let us walk through the Snow White and Pinocchio dark rides. However, they weren't allowing any photography, darn it! It's strange when you think of it because they let us on the stage of Country Bear Jamboree at the same event and let us take pictures of the bears.

    I hope you are having a good time in Orlando!

  4. Disney Freak-- I don't own this particular vid so you will have to ask the mice chat folks.

  5. H.Emiru-- At some point, I'd like to ask you more about your painting experiences on the SW ride. Would love to hear more.

  6. Tokyo-- A walk thru would be a terrific experience. But without a camera, I think it would make me go insane. :) Great time at the park. Details to come.

  7. Wow! This ride's effects are so weird! They seem so difficult, but it's by the weirdness of the imagineers. When the ride is dark, it's completely hard to tell about the ride's secrets/old technology. Never knew.... Never knew....

    1. It was certainly low tech compared to some of the modern attractions coming out today, but it was still very clever. The "fun house" type devices made it a classic with lots of charm. :)

  8. I noticed something just now. The low tech of the ride is the point of it. Walt wanted this to be a carnival type ride. He loved rides like this. Nostalgia. That's all this ride was supported by because they lost sponsorship. But seriously, if they got rid of small world too, I'd go bananas. :)