Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Deleted Scene - Grumpy and Doc Argument

One of the many and varied elements that makes Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs so timeless is the tightness of its story. Walt Disney made sure of it. No matter how painful it might have been for artist or animator, in the end, if a scene was not needed, it had to go. The bedroom fight between Grumpy and Doc was one such example.

Fred Moore animation...

Animation clean-up by Fred Moore. Images and info via Treasures of Disney Animation Art, p.91-93.

After the dwarfs discover Snow White asleep upstairs. Grumpy wants her gone, but Doc says she can stay. A skirmish ensues. In the end, the sequence was dropped from the film because it "was thought to make too much of the dwarfs' argumentativeness." 

I tend to agree. You can view the pencil test video and see it was a bit too much for the story, though the animation is superb.


  1. Wow! Such perfect animation! I love it! I love the walking of Grumpy before he jumps on Doc. They should have keep this deleted scene!

    Did Fred Moore animate the entire deleted scene?

  2. One of the Snow White teams was responsible for animating her drawings in this scene.

  3. Wow, I never knew about this one....just the deleted bed and soup scenes! Too bad they can't reinsert the deleted scenes for a "special cut."

  4. A special cut with all the deleted scenes, I would buy that Blu-ray disc! :)

  5. Like TokyoMagic!, I did not know about the scene. Everyone has heard about the deleted "bed building scene" and the "soup eating scene", but not this one!

  6. There's quite a number of deleted scenes and abandoned concepts from the film. I'll be posting more in the future.

  7. I wish that the Witch at the Cauldron sequence which precedes the Apple dipping sequence was featured in the Blu Ray of Snow White! It was included in the previously available DVD and in the Laserdisc version which also featured the Pencil Tests too! I would love you to feature this sequence in a future post please may I request that you do this?

    1. You read my mind Wobble. :) I do have a post planned on this very scene. There's currently a bit of a backlog of posts that I'm catching up on, but as I move thru them, this deleted cauldron sequence is definitely one that will appear on the Filmic Light.

      If you have any special info or anecdotes you'd like to share in reference to this scene, feel free to email. I will certainly give you credit in the article for any contribution you'd like to make.