Friday, May 25, 2012

Jaymar "Snow White with Soup" Puzzles

The Soup illustration seen in the earlier post was used in an assortment of Jaymar puzzles including this 300-piece boxed edition. 14" x 22".

The illustration was cropped for the 1952 red border tray series. Measures 11" x 14", 35-pieces. Marked "Copyright MCMLII Jaymar Specialty Co. New York Series 2596."

The red boarder was also produced as #2379-2. Along the bottom of each puzzle reads: "Walt Disney's Productions" and "Jaymar Specialty Co, 200 Fifth Ave, New York. Made in U.S.A. 2379-2."

The same number and markings would appear again in the 4-puzzle set #2379-2, but it had a yellow boarder and red oval Jaymar logo. Set included Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and the Three Little Pigs.

Set of four came packaged in this box.

The Bantam Pocket Picture Puzzle, #8732.

Same pocket puzzle but cropped image.

Jaymar also produced a "Picture Puzzle in the Round" series. 100+ pieces. Measures approximately 19" across.

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